Don’t Lose Customers Due to Inaction!

Do you know the primary reason companies lose customers? They stop communicating with them. It is that simple. When companies stop communicating, their customers lose interest. They move on to the competition and brands that pay attention to them. This is why it is not enough to just have a customer acquisition strategy. You must have a customer retention strategy, too.
In this effort, one of your most powerful tools is personalized print. Think personalized newsletters. Personalized postcards. Personalized holiday giveaways and gifts. These are your customers. They should not be treated the same way as people you have never done business with. You need to reinforce the existing relationship and speak to customers on a personal basis.
When one chain of hair salons wanted to reduce guest churn, for example, it set up a customer retention program that included personalized direct mail. It personalized its mailers based on customer name, images, offer, salon location, and reward program status. Franchise owners started sending postcards every six weeks to stay current and top of mind with their hair salon clientele.
The results?
• The chain has a high customer retention rate.
• Its rewards program customers have a one-third higher top “spend” than other customers.
• Franchisees have a much stronger upsell rate for their female customers.
Print personalization is all about strengthening relationships. It helps you stay relevant. It helps you stay top of mind. How often do you need to send out personalized campaigns? At a minimum, more often than your competition does!
Need ideas? Let us look at your list and talk about ways you can be engaging your customers on a consistent basis.

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