5 Ways to Motivate Your Target Audience

5 Ways to Motivate Your Target Audience

Are fewer people responding to your direct mail pieces? Maybe it’s because they’ve seen the same or similar design multiple times. It could be time to try something new. Here are five simple ideas to improve your marketing and get more people interested in your offers again.

  1. Mix up envelope styles.

Use the same envelope every time, and it will lose effectiveness. Change sizes. Change the color. Add a personalized message (“Special Offer Just for Bob Jones!”) or test a handwriting font.

  1. Making responding easier.

In today’s digital world, reply cards are often overlooked, but they are still a highly effective way for people to respond to offers. If you aren’t using a reply form, consider adding one. Prefill it with your customer’s contact information. The fewer steps people must take, the more likely they are to respond.

  1. Freshen up the content.

Are you still using last year’s wording in your marketing letters? Write a new one. Or try a new opening paragraph or a change in the level of detail. Not a great writer? Experiment with a free AI writing assistant like ChatGPT.

  1. Create new offers.

Are your customers seeing the same offer over and over? Change it up! Offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee. Try a new level of discount or a BOGO offer.

  1. Add a time limit.

Time limits are potent motivators. Use a personalized message on the outside of the envelope (“Charley, offer expires in 10 days!”) or create a piece of art that looks like you’ve rubber-stamped the time limit across the top of the letter. “Joan, your offer is set to expire. Respond now!”

If you make changes, test them to see which ones are most effective. Create control groups to compare current designs or offers with the previous ones. You begin learning what motivates your audience by testing design, content, and offer changes. Then roll those things back into your next campaign and watch your results soar!

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